Intro to Options Trading


The objective of the Boot Camp is to help participants gain a deeper understanding about options trading – its fundamentals and the theory behind it – and develop a keen sense of choosing the proper strategies, and their practical application even in the most volatile markets. It has been designed for participants of all experience levels, even beginners who are coming in with zero knowledge about options trading.

The Boot Camp will cover the fundamentals of options and options pricing, then take you further in understanding spreads, advanced trading strategies, and money management.


What they are, who uses them, when to use them, and why they are used. This looks into the fundamentals of options trading, and the corresponding benefits, risks and rewards.

The Language of Options Trading

Get a full grasp of the terminologies used in options trading and learn to speak like a pro who has done it for years.

Call Options and Put Options

Know the difference between calls and puts and get started on strategizing.

Option Pricing

Know what option pricing is and how this knowledge can be used when it comes to building a position.

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Put to use the concepts you’ve learned in developing simple and complex strategies through evaluations and analysis.

Profit and Loss Diagrams or Pay-Off Graphs and Pricing

Understand the potential risks and rewards before entering a trade through profit and loss diagrams, pay-off graphs, and options position graphs. Profit and loss diagrams will also give you a glimpse n profitability.

Open Interest and Volume

Understand the concepts of open interest and volume and how they apply to options trading.

Understand the Greeks

The Greeks refer to the Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho, all of which are instrumental in building the right options position in the face of any market condition. It also adds predictive value to your strategizing.


What they are, their benefits, how to build them, and use them to limit risk.

Different types of spreads

There are the simple spreads (vertical credit spreads, vertical debit spreads, and the diagonal spreads) or the more advanced, complicated ones (directional and non-directional spreads).

Straddles and Strangles

Know what they are, their differences, and how they apply to options trading.

Advanced Trading Strategies

Gain an understanding of Ratio Spreads, Iron Condors, and Butterflies.

Trading Options at Expiration

Understand the options available to you when trading them at the lapse of a specific period.

Finding your Trading Style

Self-assessment and evaluation will lead you to define what trading style you are most comfortable in.

Adjustments and Money Management

Not everything is cut and dried in options trading, so being prepared for any possibility is important in order to be able to make the appropriate adjustments later on.

Putting it all Together

Now you’re ready to take on options trading, using all you’ve learned!

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